When my husband has to travel for work I always go if at all possible. This last time we went to Georgia and since my baby was only barely 2 months old she came with. I did a ton of research before we went and I had to search for things I knew we could do with our baby. So here’s a list of things I know for a fact that you can bring your lap baby along with. And still have a great time doing it!

1. If you can only do one thing in Savannah, visit Tybee island. It is a twenty or so minute drive from the city but it’s a pretty drive. Plus, the beach was gorgeous and it was only April. I also recommend going Dolphin watching. We brought along our car seat and the boat operator recommended that she stay buckled inside of it rather than be out and wear a life jacket so that’s what we did. She enjoyed the rocking motion and slept most of the ride. Meanwhile my husband and I had a great time watching the dolphins splashing along side the boat.

Little dolphin mama saying hi!

2. Everyone says the Trolley tour so I’m going to add it as well. Don’t worry about purchasing the tickets ahead of time, it’s super easy to get them when you show up and there’s more than one place to get them. It’s easy to hop on and off the trolley and they do allow you to bring a stroller on board. We only rode the tour through once. We got off at about 8 stops, wandered a bit, and then got on where we were dropped off and rode until we stopped at something we were interested in. It was the perfect way to take a break and feed her while still seeing the sites.

3. Take a nighttime stroll through one of the squares. Just don’t pick a rainy night. We tried to walk one rainy night and we were soaked in about 2 seconds, thank goodness it wasn’t too cold! However, our first night we went out for a late dinner and the weather was wonderful. Since it was nice we wandered through a square and down some quiet streets. It was pretty, baby slept, and we had some nice time practically as a couple.

4. Visit the Book Lady’s store. It’s a little used bookstore on one of the cute streets of Savannah. It was nice to sit down in one of their chairs and rest among books with my little.

5. Finally, the river is absolutely beautiful and so much fun to walk along. There’s plenty of shops to get your souvenirs from and the view is wonderful. There’s also the riverboat which I believe would be great to take an infant on but we didn’t try it so I can’t guarantee anything.

Bonus! I want to also share three places we got treats at that were absolutely worth it. If you’re on a trip and you have your baby with you then you definitely deserve to try at least one of these places. I deserved to try them all, so I did, and they were delicious.

1. Savannah’s Candy Kitchen – there are locations all over the city. You need to try a praline and their salt water taffy. Both are delicious and worth every penny.

2. Collin’s Quarter is the one place I almost didn’t go but is the one place I wish I could bring with me. They have incredibly interesting food options and their signature Lavender and Spice Mocha is amazing.

3. Lastly, everyone will say visit Leopold’s and you really should. Sit down in an air conditioned ice cream shop and enjoy some ice cream while baby also has a little snack. Definitely worth any wait.

Don’t let having a baby scare you away from travel! Babies are tons of fun and so is travelling. Together they might be more difficult but the memories will be that much stronger. I have always enjoyed the trips I have taken with my babies and I am glad I have those memories, even if they don’t.



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