We recently received a fun box of goodies from Disney with all the things necessary to plan a play date for some of our preschool friends. Since we went to the soft launch of the Sugar Space Play Café I knew that would be the perfect location and I was so glad they agreed to host us. As soon as we got our date planned I got to work.


I wanted it to be as simple as possible. The decorations were easy, a tablecloth with matching paperware plus crowns for the guests. The pinata added just enough extra fanciness.

table decorated with elenor of avalor  decorations and pinata with a mason jar drink dispenser with lemonade and a popcorn cake


close up of popcorn cake and elenor of avalor crowns

Disney sent this fun Popped Passion popcorn cake for the guests. A parent mentioned it reminded them of holiday caramel popcorn. It was my girls’ favorite snack. I also provided lemonade because playing makes kids thirsty and I wanted something more fun than water.

close up of michael angelo freezer meal

We also got to try this Angelo’s freezer meal as an after-playdate meal. It was the perfect way to make this day even easier. My girls were hungry after a couple hours running around playing and I was so relieved I didn’t have to cook something up.



group of six children lined up next to elenor of avalor pinata

I didn’t realize the pinata was a pull string pinata until one of the lovely owners of the cafe noticed it. She explained it to me and I’m so glad she knew. A pull string pinata was perfect for the young age range of our group. They all got at least one turn before one of the older girls pulled the bottom open. There was enough candy that it didn’t get all get picked up so my Ever sat down and claimed the rest for herself.

2 year old blonde girl next to pile of candy

Stick the Crown on the Princess

3 year old blonde girl putting a crown sticker on a princess poster

The next game we played was stick the crown on the princess. We put the mask on each child and let them stick the crown where they thought it went. Most of them did really good! They all made it somewhere around her head.

Fortune Tellers

Disney also sent some Fortune Tellers to put together. Since our playmates were having so much fun playing together we ended up putting them inside of their take home goodie bags.

Dress Up

2 toddlers putting on princess dresses

Since I’m a mom of girls our collection of princess dresses seems to just keep growing. We brought them along with us and all our friends loved playing dress up. The play cafe has their own collection of dresses as well so everyone got to try on multiple princess dresses. Sonnet picked the Ariel dress Disney sent and wore it the entire time.


This party was one of the easiest parties I’ve put together. We showed up about thirty minutes early, set up our decorations and games and got ready to go. When our friends arrived we let them play for an hour before doing all of our activities. After the princess game we let them go back to playing.

Parties that are strictly scheduled with a lot of activities can get stressful. I had all of the activities set up ahead of time but I had no specific order or time to do anything. Since we weren’t rushing the kids from one activity to the next it felt very relaxed and we eased from playing into activities and then back to playing.

The Sugar Space Play Café was the perfect place to host our playdate since there was a lot of area for the kids to free play. This place would be perfect for an easy kids birthday. You could almost have no activities planned and the kids could still have a great time. In fact, it would be even easier than this party because the Play Cafe will actually provide decorations if you book a party with them. No need to tote in a box full of stuff! Just show up and have fun.



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