To celebrate my birthday today I got together with my five sisters and my mom to come up with 25 fun stories about myself. I also asked a couple friends to contribute. So here’s 25 things about me that aren’t boring like my favorite color:

  1. She was always very secretive. – Mom
  2. She has a knee slapper sense of humor. – Sister
  3. She, 4′ 11″ slight framed, once was suspected by a cop of kidnapping two full grown males and her little sister. – Sister (long story short)
  4. Faith would literally drive four hours and pee her pants before using a public bathroom. – Husband
  5. She collects tea pots and fossil boxes.
  6. She grows her nails out really, really long. – Sister
  7. She can type like 700 hundred words per minute. – Sister (exaggeration)
  8. She likes to visit cemeteries when she travels. – Husband
  9. She does not like feet. – Mom
  10. Faith would rather let chocolate sit forever and go hard rather than share it. She hoards chocolate. – Everyone (I’m not this bad anymore!)
  11. She wears the cutest clothes that look so comfy. – Sister
  12. She’s a party planner, she started our family tradition of an annual party. – Sister and mom
  13. She’s like my therapist. – Sister
  14. Her numbers and letters have colors. Certain numbers are bad numbers because of their colors. – Husband
  15. When she went skinny dipping someone was watching her so I told her “put your clothes on!” but she ignored me. – Sister
  16. She was always really bossy to her little brothers and sisters since she was so responsible. She was clean and always had everything organized and made everyone keep things clean. She would make lunch without being asked and have everyone do their jobs. – Mom
  17. She used to go with her little brother to the lake and have lunch and they’d be gone a long time just exploring. – Mom
  18. We went through the drive through at Taco Bell and they gave us free drinks. It didn’t dawn on either of us that he was flirting until we told her husband. – Sister
  19. So I don’t know if you’ll remember this, but when we were younger and you’d come out to the farm I remember you calling me “the little girl with the bump on her hand”. I had a bible bump thing on my wrist and that’s how you’d remember me, probably because my name is so different and hard to remember. – Lovina
  20. If she’s talking to someone else and you try to talk to her then she will ignore you. She will not talk to you until she is finished talking to the first person. – Sister
  21. She graduated high school early. – Mom
  22. She came up with making beet raspberry jam and putting gelatin in it and it was the best jam we’ve ever made – Mom
  23. One time we went to go to Jimmie Johns and she goes to pull in and she pulls onto the grass. The people across the street busted out laughing so I yelled at her to get off the grass. She had to pull out and go around the building to park. – Sister
  24. After she got her wisdom tooth out she bawled the whole thirty minute drive home because she wanted a stupid milkshake – Mom
  25. We would stay up late drinking pomegranate 7up and eating peanut m&ms and getting super hyper. – Friend



2 Replies to “Faith: Twenty-Five Facts/Stories About Me”

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