I love group costumes, they’re so much fun. Elaborate planning is my thing. Last year I was mother earth (using my pregnant belly as the earth) and my girls were nymphs. This year I wanted something fun and since I have three little girls decided on the three Goodfairies. I couldn’t resist dressing up as Aurora as well.

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halloween costumes three goodfairies phillip and aurora

I wanted to buy the costumes so as soon as the costume shops arrived in town I started looking. Then I went to three plus several other stores and then I looked online. Apparently Merryweather, Flora, and Fauna aren’t popular characters to dress up as.

I found Aurora pretty easily so I ordered it and set about to make the girls’. I decided to make tulle skirts since I don’t own a sewing machine and I didn’t have a lot of time. I’m pretty competent at no-sew tulle skirts so I knew I could get them done quickly.

Tulle Skirts

I found this tutorial a while back and pretty much follow the same method. However, with these skirts I only did one strip of tulle at a time since the skirts were full length and I knew I didn’t need the floof.

merryweather DIY costume

I also did two-tone skirts since I felt that was important for the costumes to be recognizable. I made so the bow tied at the back so I could do the sparkly, secondary color at the front.

Tops and Bottoms

Since tulle is kind of itchy and where we live is kind of cold I knew I needed something else to go under/with it. The goodfairy dresses are long sleeved so I wanted some plain colored shirts and leggings in the right colors. I ordered them all from Primary and I was super happy with the quality and the amazing customer service. I ordered the baby a bodysuit instead of a shirt and leggings.


Capes are something definitely part of the goodfairies outfits. I considered making them but I found this set of capes in just the right colors. I also liked that they could be used for another Halloween. Or, really, just for my girls to play with all the time because they love being superheroes as much as fairies!


Lastly, the hats! I found the cheapest ones I could online and covered them in felt. In hindsight I would either use larger pieces of felt (so less cutting and fitting necessary) or fabric. However, once I pieced the felt together and hot glued it on I just wrapped the entire hat in tulle and called it a day.

For the day we rented my husbands costume which worked out perfectly. I think we were a pretty cute group and I can’t wait to take it out trick-or-treating.

the three goodfairies halloween costume

I hope you enjoyed learning of how to put these costumes together! In my years of making costumes I’ve learned that they really don’t need to be exact (although that’s always nice). Really, most characters have a few memorable things and the rest can be approximated! The three goodfairies memorable characteristics were the colors, hats, and capes. Overall I count this years costumes as a success because my girls loved them!



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