When I became a mother the most astounding thing was that I was no longer just one person. Instead, every plan, every action, every decision I made not only affected me but also my daughter. I started saying things like ‘we will be there’ or ‘we went to the store today’ because very rarely did I do anything singularly.

It feels heavy, sometimes, to carry the weight of more than one person. To have to think about the consequences of every action, times 3. It’s hard to make plans knowing that you will have to do every step of getting ready multiple times.

However, every joy I have is tripled. When I go on a walk I get to enjoy the outdoors, the smiling faces of my girls, and their happy laughter all at once. Every new experience for them is a new experience for me. Watching them enjoy ice cream for the first time, seeing their faces light up when they meet their favorite character, or enjoying a favorite book for the first time through their eyes.

Being a mother is more than challenging but I wouldn’t trade watching their wonder, excitement, and happiness for anything.



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