Harbor House Bed and Breakfast

I’m a sucker for indoor plants

The first night in NYC we spent on Staten Island. My husband found this gorgeous little bed and breakfast that had views of the ocean. Anywhere you stay in the city is bound to be expensive but this place was a little on the cheaper end. The owner was very accommodating over the phone. We got into town late and it took quite a while to get from the airport to the island but soon after we got there his sister stopped by to make sure we made it in okay.

It was very cold during the night so sometime early morning my husband called to tell to someone. We talked to the sister and she took time to come over and see what she could do. The heating was on a schedule that she didn’t know how to change so she brought in a heater to let us use instead. She was quite accommodating and we were grateful that she took the time to help us out.

The view was lovely despite the rain. Being right on the oceanfront was a pleasure. We got a good night’s sleep, enjoyed the small but decent continental breakfast and headed out for more adventures.

Coney Island

Wonder Wheel!

I had arranged ahead of time for tickets to Deno’s Wonder Wheel. We were very excited to go on some rides and play on the beach. Unfortunately, mother nature was in a bad mood. Thankfully, Deno’s Wonder Wheel had awesome communication and let us know as soon as they did that they would be closed due to the rain. We headed to Coney Island anyway and had a nice lunch near the ocean. We also determinedly braved the rain and ran down the boardwalk, for the experience and the souvenirs.

New York City

We finished up sooner than expected (thanks to the weather) and started heading north for our next place to stay. Along the way we figured we might as well drive by the statue of liberty. Somehow we got lost and ended up driving along wall street which was pretty neat. Finally, we parked at an outrageously expensive parking garage and walked over to a good view of the statue. At least as good of a view as we could get in the rain.

Then we decided since we were there anyway, we’d go so the 9/11 memorial. So we ran in the rain again. Halfway there we stopped at a Dunkin to get hot chocolate for the girls. They generously gave the girls some donuts as well.

Real Life Motherhood: eating a donut while nursing

We ended up taking a rest in the One World Trade Center to dry off a bit before we ran back to our car. Despite the rain the traffic was pretty rough and we were glad when we finally made it out of the city.

I’m glad we saw the things we did in the city but I barely feel like I got to explore at all. I’ll definitely be back another time, hopefully the weather will be much better next time so we can enjoy Coney Island and the city better. I definitely recommend spending a day at each of these places. I also recommend avoiding rainy days completely.



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