Each Thanksgiving we do a little something different but a lot of things the same. I enjoy cooking and I like trying new things on Thanksgiving. I also don’t like to make and eat something just because it’s tradition and not because it’s delicious. Thanksgiving, I think, should be about having delicious food and I value quality over quantity. This Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup only has recipes I’ve tried and loved. If you have any recipes you think should be added, comment below!

Traditional Recipes

Root beer in a cup made from a recipe in the Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Homemade Root Beer– We make this nearly ever year. There’s been a few years that we haven’t had the time and it always feels a little less like Thanksgiving. This recipe needs three days to proof so make sure you start it before Thanksgiving day!

Whole Wheat Honey Rolls– Homemade rolls are always way better than store bought. We make our dough in the bread maker and then pull it out to cook in the oven. I also only use 100% whole white wheat to keep processed flours at a minimum.

Sweet Potato Pie – Several years ago I decided on a whim to make this when I was still living at home. It was absolutely delicious and we rarely go a year without having a sweet potato pie now. I also bake my sweet potato rather than boil, I think it makes the flavor of sweet potato stronger.

Cheese Cake – We usually make some kind of cheese cake every year. This year I wanted a honey one to cut down on the amount of sugar and this one was perfect. We made it in a chocolate shell and drizzled chocolate sauce on top.

Fun and New (to us) Recipes

Chocolate Pecan Pie and Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate Pecan Pie – This was a new one that might turn into a traditional one. It’s almost like pecan brownies in a pie shell. Hint: you can substitute a tablespoon of paprika for the pepper in a pinch.

Ranch Dressing – This was a new one this year. We typically have a vegetable tray but this year I went with a salad and homemade ranch on the side. It was absolutely perfect.

Perfect Mashed Potatoes – While mashed potatoes are definitely a tradition, this was a new recipe for me. I’ll have to move it to the traditional category soon though because I am definitely making it every year from now on.

Ribs – No recipe for this one but sometimes we like to mix up our main meat dish. I like turkey but sometimes the effort it takes to make one is better spent on other delicious dishes (like pie). One year I made a chicken in the crock pot, this year we got some smoked ribs.

These recipes are for sure fun ones to make year round but every recipe on Thanksgiving is a little bit extra special. I hope you enjoy these ones!



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